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Facing Budget Crunch, is Atlanta to Become Ad-lanta?

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The City of Atlanta is attempting to make a quick buck by playing pimp to the city's infrastructure with any advertiser interested in plastering their name on many-a public amenity — though with an estimated annual income of $5 million per year, the dirty deed doesn't come cheap, 11Alive reports. Rather than resorting to some mild form of prostitution for no good reason, the city is attempting to make a tiny dent in its $1 billion infrastructural backlog with a philosophy of "every little bit can help."

With the city's goodies for sale, Atlantans soon may enjoy free Wifi hotspots, baby-changing stations and even a city-wide bike sharing program, all thanks to our city's willingness to brandish a tramp stamp or two. Atlanta is far from the first city to go about raising funds this way; New York, San Francisco and London join cities with similar schemes in place. Lest you think Atlanta's whoring itself entirely, the city is practicing a little restraint by refusing to place advertisements in some of our most prominent parks, along the Beltline, in schools, at the Falcons stadium and on police and fire vehicles. Which seems to be a shame, given the limitless potential — Atlanta Public Schools: brought to you by Paper Mate's Pink Pearl Erasers.

· City of Atlanta puts itself up for sale [11 Alive]

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