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Introducing: The (Hypothetical) MARTA Greenline Loop!

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The old wives' tale is true: Cabin fever breeds mad genius! Cooped up by Atlanta On Ice 2014, one bored reader got creative and illustrated an idea that could be logistically impossible but is nonetheless compelling: The MARTA Greenline Loop. The visionary describes the design as "the cabin-fevered dream of a snowbound Atlantan who'd like to go from Decatur to the Westside on a train."

This U-shaped heavy rail extension would boomerang passengers from Bankhead to the Arts Center station, providing much-need transit relief on the Howell Mill Road corridor. It would unfortunately bypass Georgia Tech, and there doesn't seem to be a Monday Night Brewing station, which kind of stinks. On the bright side, the extension would supply the Atlantic Station-Midtown link that many have pined for. This idea comes on a week when MARTA's head honcho said the system could be twice as large, if only funding would materialize. What say you? Should we start a Greenline Loop collection plate, or is this concept riddled with tragic flaws?

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[Base image: MARTA; Added brilliance: Tipline]

Atlantic Station

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