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In Ormewood Park, Rustic & Modern Mated. They Had This.

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On the subject of this rebuilt Ormewood Park home, the listing agent declares: "Nothing else like it out there!" While that statement rides a teeter-totter between bold and ridiculous, there is something unique going on here. Frankly, the place is beautiful, juxtaposing rustic warmth with contemporary sleekness, from the wide-plank floors to the tongue-and-groove above. You'll find four bedrooms among these 2,460 square feet, plus an unfinished basement (not pictured). There's a sloped but spacious yard, with an abundance of fresh new fence to stain. The builder specializes in transforming forlorn deadhomes into sturdy-looking Craftsmans, and they stress that their offerings are affordable. With a $479,000 ask, they could be testing the limits of that statement here.
· 921 Emerson Ave. [Estately]