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New Stadium Glimpses Show Asphalt-To-Greenspace Ratio

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New renderings released by Atlanta Falcons stadium designers 360 Architecture show how the structure will relate to nearby streets, greenspaces and surface lots — and how it's a safe bet the team won't be wanting for parking. The images suggest that even the largest lots will at least be dotted with trees and that tailgating will still be encouraged in The Gulch. As best we can tell, the Georgia Dome will be swapped out for a large rectangular parking lot, with a blank slate across the way reserved for the possible multi-modal train terminal. Both the exterior and interior appear more and more like striking geometric collisions — anything but bland. 360 Architecture also designed the more reserved MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, which recently hosted the Denver Broncos' globally televised egg laying. The firm is also behind a 13-block renovation project in its home base, Kansas City.
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[Renderings via Atlanta Falcons/ABC]