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Here Now, 6 Suitable Atlanta Homes For Justin Bieber

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Attention affluent Atlantans: This is a public service announcement. This is not a drill, and it's not a joke. This, sorry to say, is very, very real: THE BIEBS IS COMING. Rumors have become horrible reality in the last few days, and it appears that shirtless drag-racing extraordinaire Justin Bieber will buy a home in the ATL (which is probably the way he refers to it, constantly, with Vanilla Ice dialect). Plenty of outlets have reported the Biebhole's desire for an imminent Atlanta arrival, but the expert dirt-diggers at TMZ have taken it one step further.

The celebrity rag has highlighted one particular Buckhead manse being eyed by the troublesome 19-year-old with a history of terrorizing his California neighbors. They've also provided the parameters Bieber's supposedly set:

· Not visible from the street, and "preferably" on at least five acres
· A minimum of 10,000 square feet
· List price between $4 and $10 million

The residents of Buckhead (let's face it, where else is Beibster going to find all of that?) could probably use a warning, so we've compiled a few properties that fit the bill, give or take a few thousand square feet. If you happen to live next door — well, you'd better start praying. Or packing.

421 Blackland Road; $10.95 million

This is the seven bedroom, 11-bath home TMZ suggests that the Biebs is eyeing hard. Built in 2010 in swanky Tuxedo Park, it's billed as "the Ferrari of luxury real estate." All 12,864 square feet are quite modern, clean and, all things considered, reserved.

3640 Tuxedo Road; $8.9 million

It fits the basic parameters — five acres, 10,086 square feet — but this one doesn't seem quite Bieber's speed. The former home of Coke (not that kind) chairman Robert Woodruff was built in the 1930s and still has an old-timey vibe.

2900 Andrews Drive NW; $7.95 million

The current decor makes it a little tough to project, but the Peachtree Heights estate known as "Rossdhu" is intriguing. Nearly 100 years old, it's easy to tell where additions and renovations have been made to the 12,705 square-foot property. It's in a "quiet and peaceful neighborhood," but Ol' Bucket-Pissing Biebs could take care of that real quick.

515 W. Paces Ferry Road; $5.75 million

Kid is only 19 years old, but more than 15,000 square feet of 18th-century inspired excess somehow seems about right. It's not much to look at from the front, but the interior boasts high, rotunda-ish ceilings and plenty of room for Southern-fried Canadian debauchery.

2167 Mt. Paran Road; $4.995 million

The 12,767 square-foot home on this six-acre property is described as a "one of a kind plantation style estate." While that characterization may offend the hip-hop community young Justin is yearning to get closer to, it means a pretty unique piece of Buckhead real estate. And a barn. For Bieber horses!

3720 Nancy Creek Road; $12.9 million

It doesn't quite fit his desired price range but, at a ridiculous 17,943 square feet, we just had to include this one. You best Belieb pop's douchiest underage star could make good use of a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, and the dining room features a "minstrel gallery for musical performances." Now if only there were a musician around here somewhere...

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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