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Roswell Wants Piece Of Greenspace, Multi-Use Path Pie

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Intown places like Buckhead, Old Fourth Ward and the entire Beltline corridor aren't alone in their zeal for greenspace and multi-use trail initiatives. Roswell — one of metro Atlanta's more progressive suburban hubs, at least from a walkability and connectedness standpoint — wants a piece of that action, too. During his recent State of the City address, Mayor Jere Wood said money is set aside to extend the city's riverside trail from near the town center, to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and beyond to the Cobb County line, where it will link with another multi-use trail, New Urban Roswell reports. The city already has a lovely collection of bike trails, and "Roswell Loop" plans have been floated for years to link them, a la PATH's Freedom Park Trail and the Eastside Trail. What's more, a $12.1 million project is slated to infuse the city's core with open-air delightfulness.

As for the riverside trail, New Urban reports the city is weighing three alternatives. Combined with other projects such as a pedestrian and bike bridge linking to Sandy Springs, an optimist would say the city's bike-trail network will flourish within the next half-decade. Might even be worth the drive up there.

The downtown project, dubbed "Roswell City Green," would be a means to connect City Hall to the burgeoning dining district that is Canton Street. Built in three phases, the green would take the place of existing woods that divide the government center from the restaurant scene. Around a large town green, plans call for a water feature, meeting spaces, pavilions and an open-air amphitheater. Everything is conceptual at this point, but officials recently projected the $12 million upgrade would attract some $200 million in private investment. Lofty projections, sure, but the Beltline has proven that green, communal space can be a true commercial magnet.

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[ABOVE: Renderings via New Urban Roswell blog/Rowell Downtown Development Authority]