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Could It Be? A Sub-$400K Price Cut? In Decatur?

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This charming little ranch could disprove the notion that having a law or medical practice is required for living in Decatur these days. It's priced at $375,000 — a $10,000 discount since last week and below the average sales price for this enclave — and would require no immediate renovations, so far as the listing photos show. Standing on this wide Ridley Circle lot since 1950, the three-bedroom home retains period charm with its built-in hutch and wooden slat floors. But at 1,283 square feet, she's not huge, by any stretch. There are lifestyle perks here, and we're not just talking about the built-in bar top on the back deck, for goodness sakes. A buyer could walk the kiddos to nearby Westchester Elementary, or hoof it to downtown Decatur. Price chops have become rare birds in this neck of the woods. But very large people might want to keep looking.
· 111 Ridley Circle, Decatur [Trulia]