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Big-Time Connector Billboard Running Behind Schedule

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Work is behind schedule on the giant LED billboard that owners have optimistically described as Atlanta's next great landmark. The Corey Tower — that big white cylinder overlooking The Connector near Martin Luther King Drive — was originally scheduled to be home to a 25-by-80 foot electronic sign by Jan. 1. That, obviously, hasn't occurred — and doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon. While framing has been up for a while, Corey President Diane McIver said this week the billboard itself is still "in the process of being manufactured in Salt Lake City."

McIver said she couldn't estimate a completion date for the project — which owner Bill Corey has compared to the St. Louis Arch, the Space Needle and more — "until trucks are on the road hauling to Atlanta." Interesting that a sign billed as such a major attraction is being put together out of state, then lugged clear across country. The long-awaited and just-arrived Atlanta streetcars were handled the same way, built in California and transported in their full glory. Anyway, looks like downtown commutes will remain drab for a while longer. But if you're looking to an electronic billboard to cheer you up, you should probably see a therapist.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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[ABOVE: Connector action photo via some other blog]