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Development Declared 'Game Changer' For Perimeter Center

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The 2M square feet office development in the heart of the Perimeter Center, announced just a few weeks ago on February 14, is already having a ripple effect in Dunwoody. According to the Economic Development Director, the announcement has renewed major interest in developing the hub for hotels, retail, and lots and lots of office space. Construction won't begin until next summer on the whopper development where State Farm will be leasing half a Mil square feet of office space; the project includes 100,000 square feet of restaurants and shops, and a 200-room hotel across from the Dunwoody MARTA station. But already developers are looking at reviving previous Perimeter plans that got shelved in the recession. The hope seems to be that attracting those reluctant-to-drive-to work millennials to the area will turn the hub into boom town. That's a lot of pressure on a MARTA station, so some are already saying "thanks but we have enough traffic problems already."

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