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Longtime Suburbanite Seeks Advice On Moving In Town

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A woman earnestly trying to shed her suburbanite status writes us in search of help. And it sounds like she wants insight from true-blue intowners more than sales pitches from Realtors. She doesn't specify where she lives now, only that she's lived in the 'burbs all her life and — like many other Baby Boomers, empty nesters and other city-life seekers we've met — wants a piece of the New Atlanta Pie. She writes, in part: "Question hoping you could answer which might be of interest to others: How do you successfully buy in the city if you are in your 50s when you have lived in the suburbs your whole life? And don't suggest therapy which may be needed ... Who could assist us? It seems everything is marketing towards the young and hip." So, Dearest Readers, what do you say? Let's extend a helping hand of knowledge in the comments section. No calling cards, please.