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Buckhead To World: We Have A Real Neighborhood Coalition

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In case you missed yesterday's Justin Bieber scandal, a fake neighborhood coalition organized by some radio hosts tricked the public into thinking that neighbors would be picketing at a house the mini chanteur wanted to buy. But today the real Neighborhood Coalition stands up and says, "hey WE EXIST, and we're pretty okay with Just Bieber buying here." A press release titled BUCKHEAD COALITION WELCOMES BIEBER has landed in our inbox, distributed by the office of former Atlanta Mayor Sam Massell.

Here's the essential info from the letter:

· Massell is no hater when it comes to new home owners in the hood. Says he "If I have the occasion to greet Justin Bieber, it will be with open arms." Hugs!

· This neighborhood coalition is really real, and probably really rich (just like The Biebs!) . Says the release "The Buckhead Coalition, comprised of 100 Chief Executive Officers of major area firms, was incorporated over twenty-five years ago by then CEO of Aaron's Rents, Charlie Loudermilk, and a dozen friends." Massell was brought on board then as well.

· Massell's no Biebs hater. According to the release, many people reached out asking his real Coalition to oppose the Biebs buying in Buckhead. Massell reports, "To begin with, my daughter Melanie who is a professional vocalist would disown me if I snubbed a young person who had become an international star entertainer." (Hint: buy her record, would you?)

· More importantly, the above suggestion that the group oppose the purchase is just silly. Says Massell "I have clearly answered the news reporters that our laws protect the rights of all to purchase (and all to sell) residential property." (Silly news reporters!)

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