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New Beltline Plaza Planned Near North Ave. Junction

An Atlanta Beltline Northeast Study Group meeting tomorrow night promises more information about general "improvements" proposed on Ponce de Leon between Boulevard and Freedom Parkway. But that's not all. There's "a plaza" coming to the Beltline that'll be situated adjacent to North Avenue and Ponce City Market, according to Atlanta Beltline Inc.'s website. Sounds intriguing. Plazas are generally awesome. And this one could help clear off the oblivious masses of friends who tend to converse in the middle of the Eastside Trail.

The meeting happens from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at AMLI Parkside's clubroom (660 Ralph McGill Boulevard). In touting the gathering, Beltline officials write: "You've probably seen or experienced the smoother drive and the new bike lanes along Ponce de Leon. GDOT continues to work on their design for pedestrian improvements from Briarcliff to Piedmont Avenue, while ABI is designing improved streetscapes along Ponce between Boulevard and Freedom Parkway."

Sounds like Beltline enthusiasts who've found themselves hankering for better connectivity to places like Whole Foods and cash-loving Green's liquor store will have to sit tight, for now. Unless they want to pass through Murder Kroger's parking lot ... (more on that to come).

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[ABOVE: Pre-Beltline Ponce de Leon bridge. Photo:]

Ponce City Market

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