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Rendering: Midtown Towers To Be Slender, Twisty, Sexy

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A fresh rendering for a huge project proposed by New York developers suggests its three towers would lend architectural variety to 14th Street while beefing up the Midtown skyline. The 4.5-acre 'symphony center' site in question is bookended by the futuristic napkin holder that is 1180 Peachtree and the gothic, 50-story One Atlantic Center. A Manhattan development team wants to build a trifecta of mixed-use buildings — rising 60, 57 and roughly 39 stories — with some 1,300 apartments, 340 hotels rooms and 90,000 feet of shops and restaurants. The project's tentative design suggests the towers would be rather subdued until the upper stories, where the floors would pirouette up to slender, flat rooftops. The look is understated and elegant, though some might call it boring.

Developers have said they hope to complete each of these towers by 2020. According to a scientific Curbed Atlanta poll conducted earlier this month, only about one-third of Atlantans believe all three towers will be built. That pessimism could be rooted in the fact that developers have a timeworn practice of announcing huge projects for Atlanta — to great fanfare — that never happen. But is this market hot enough to be an exception?

On the bright side, nearly half of poll voters believe this project will be at least partially built. Good news for a key piece of real estate that's basically a yawning swath of nothing right now. For the sake of skyline oomph, let's hope they do the tallest tower first.

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