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Plan Depicts Perimeter Center As Walking, Biking Utopia

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Since two million square feet of office development was announced in the heart of Perimeter Center, traffic concerns have run rampant in the edge city already known for sludgy vehicle movement. But could relief come with the Perimeter Community Improvement District's "Commuter Trail System Master Plan"? A tipster points us to the plan's .pdf, which appears to have been drafted around 2012 and depicts Perimeter as a utopia of commuter trails and transit enhancements. It's not clear how much of a heartbeat these plans still have, but they are intriguing, especially given Perimeter's goal of attracting and retaining reluctant-to-drive-to-work Millennials. It can't be long before someone proposes linking these multi-use trails to Buckhead's PATH400, right? Perimeter Center is known around the Southeast as a successful submarket rich with Class-A office space. Could it be a recreational destination as well, or is that just silly talk?
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[Renderings via Sprinkle Consulting and Lose & Associates]