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Roomy $274K Loft Has More Wall Space Than China

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Given the ceiling height and miles of walls, this unit at The Stacks in Cabbagetown could be practical for art collectors, indoor climbing enthusiasts and trapeze artists. The two-bedroom, two-bath unit was the model way back when, and all 1,857 square feet retain that showplace-quality feel. Come to think of it, that's a lot of space for less than $275,000. (Space + sub-$300,000 price tags = a running theme in historic condos south of DeKalb Avenue, as illustrated by this Reynoldstown loft). The listing doesn't specify, but those ceilings must be in the neighborhood of 20 feet. An added perk is the built-in pole fit for a nine-foot stripper. For a cheaper, smaller, more subterranean unit in the same repurposed building, see this place.
· 170 Boulevard SE Unit E111 [Estately]