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This Atlanta Map Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone

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Who's ready to be offended? Everyone? OK, perfect. First, let's set the record straight: This map was not created in-house at Curbed. It comes courtesy of some anonymous curmudgeon on Reddit. But it's worth a chuckle, with the disclaimer that tried-and-true Atlantans of all sorts may, for one reason or another, come away a little hot under the collar. We pose the question: Who should be most offended by this? The Midtown high-rise dwellers in "Hobos" land? All neighborhoods under the "ghetto" umbrella? Will the creator step forward and produce your empirical data, please?

First off, as you've probably noticed, the wording here is cringe-worthy: "young rich whites," "poor old blacks" and "gays," to include a few examples. While there's certainly at least some nuggets of stereotypical truth in a few of the map's "districts," the residents of many probably have a bone to pick. "Hippies" in Decatur? Nothing but "Hobos" in south Midtown? "Hipsters of moderate means" in Poncey Highlands and Candler Park? We're guessing this was crafted by a UGA grad (thus the harsh "NERDS" label in all caps near Georgia Tech), but, other than that, the creator is a mystery. Maybe we're better off not knowing.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep