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Multi-Modal Terminal Vision Will Blow Your Mind

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[Images via FXFOWLE/Vimeo]

A video has surfaced that puts the Georgia Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal in living color like never before. The GDOT-produced, seven-minute clip takes viewers on a sweeping ride of the MMPT's 119-acre masterplan, illustrating how the terminal could tie together bus transit, streetcars, bike lanes and rail. The terminal is striving for a comprehensive facelift of the Gulch, imbuing the southwestern reaches of downtown with greenspaces and "office overbuild" directly linked to the terminal. It's a big basking shark of a facility, with parks and a concert venue on the roof. While the MMPT is estimated to cost $1.5 billion, it wasn't dependent on T-SPLOST funding. Officials hope to begin construction as early as 2015, following a review by the Federal Transit Administration, and the build is expected to take about three and ½ years. While this general idea has been batted around for years, let's hope plans this detailed signal unprecedented commitment to bringing the terminal to fruition.
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