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Study: Chicago, DC, Houston Love Them Some ATL

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If cell-phone patterns are any indication, the snowbirds of Chi-town make up the bulk of recent Atlanta transplants, in terms of other American cities. But plenty of other new residents have flocked from Washington DC, Houston, Dallas and cities across Florida. Those are the findings of Spokeo, a people search provider whose researchers examined the moving patterns of Americans based on their cell-phone number origins and new addresses. They also compiled a Mobile Migration Map (above), a visual representation of the most common out-of-state mobile users who've taken root in the ATL. The map is loaded with "duh" moments, such as the prevalence of new Floridians and Alabamians here. But the high number of transplants from liberal Colorado and coastal Maryland is surprising. They've also put together a Top 20 list for cities that Atlanta immigrants came from.

While there's no data offered on the sheer number of people that moved in, or when these people moved, it's astonishing that New York City is so low (No. 13) on the Top 20. We're guessing "Other" includes places like Iowa, California, Mexico, Canada and Germany — and at least a half-dozen Icelanders. Any other surprises here, or above? Also, for recent arrivals, what do you think of Atlanta so far?

1. Chicago, IL
2. Washington, DC
3. Houston, TX
4. Dallas, TX
5. Orlando, FL
6. Fort Lauderdale, FL
7. Tallahassee, FL
8. Jacksonville, FL
9. Miami, FL
10. Pompano Beach, FL
11. Saint Petersburg, FL
12. Charlotte, NC
13. New York, NY
14. Birmingham, AL
15. Los Angeles, CA
16. San Francisco, CA
17. Memphis, TN
18. Nashville, TN
19. New Orleans, LA*
20. Charleston, SC

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* Go Falcons.