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Modern Lakefront Retreat Seeks $378K. And Serious TLC.

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With this being the first day of spring, let's turn our attention to the shores of lovely Lake Lanier. Here we find a sprawling contemporary home with open-water views and other, more painfully dated aspects. (Hello, there, wood-paneled refrigerator, mirrored bathroom cove, glass-block walls and godawful bathtub tile). But this is a whole lot of lakefront house — more than 5,800 square feet — for $378,000, or the price of a one-bedroom condo in an upper-tier Midtown building. It just clearly needs a little TLC — and maybe $100,000 worth of upgrades. Or less. Try to overlook the hot tub, which is supporting several ecosystems at the moment. Repairs appear to have been under way in the rooms with plywood floors, at least. And the datedness doesn't change the fact that the ceilings soar and the garage fits three cars. It'll take more than a pressure-washer to get the 1999 off of this place, but the payoff (and waterfront serenity) could be worth it.
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