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$325K Gets Foot In The Door (And Little Else) At 4 Seasons

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Living above Atlanta's only five-star, five-diamond luxury hotel just got easier, so long as you lower your standards. Boasting 746 square feet, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom shoebox is the Four Seasons Atlanta's cheapest current condo offering. Its aesthetics recall a time when Puck was on The Real World and Coolio took a Fantastic Voyage, but for $325,000 and a Four Seasons address, you can't expect perfection. The listing tells us the unit has great downtown views but neglects to provide visual evidence. With some updates, this would make for a fine pied-à-terre. It just smacks as ironic that a condo with mauve wallpaper and white appliances includes valet parking.
· 75 14th St. NE []
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