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Loved/Lambasted Russian Lodge Randomly Nods To ATL

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Nothing says Russia like a cute Bavarian lodge named after the capital of the American South. Next time you find yourself at ул. Северная, 7, пос. Шереметьевский, Moskovskaya oblast, about 30 minutes from central Moscow, pop in the Atlanta Sheremetyevo Hotel, where reviewers say you'll either be charmed or stricken with claustrophobia. Looks like rooms would set you back $100 or much more, but the tranquility is free. Take a break from the bullying oligarchy and soak in the Atlanta's awkward ceiling angles, bunk-filled rooms and random log-cabin aesthetics. Whatever the case, the vast majority of TripAdvisor users rate the Atlanta "Excellent". There might very well be an explanation on the hotel's website as to why its name nods to Atlanta, but the language makes html code look like a Curious George book.
· Atlanta Sheremetyevo Hotel [Website]