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A-Town Down

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A recent Atlanta visitor from the United Kingdom flipped the script on the traditional hotel review and wrote a condemnation of the Big Peach that reads like a Chamber of Commerce nightmare. In a TripAdvisor diatribe titled "Good Hotel, Weird City!" Amyeee from Sheffield generally applauds the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Atlanta Downtown, but then she touches on the criticisms that make Atlanta boosters wince. For example: "Very scary (homeless people), especially at 10pm after a 3 hour flight" and "we went to find where the main areas were, and the whole city seemed to be deserted!" But the icing on this bad-PR cake has to be this: "The only parts where we could find people were on a street near 5 points marta station that were having a huge arguement, so we left very quickly." She vows to never return. [TA]