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With Condos At 'Historic Low', The Atlantic Seeks VIP Buyers

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Sensing low supply in Atlanta's condo market, officials with The Atlantic announced this week that more units will soon be offered for sale — but to VIP clientele only. The 47-story Art Deco tower, Atlantic Station's tallest, was built as condos several years ago before converting to rentals as the economy sputtered. A limited number of homes were offered for sale recently, and it sounds like that move went well; the building will open its doors April 6 for an invitation-only sneak preview for buyers who've completed the necessary online steps to attain VIP status. Sales at the "landmark" building are among the most "anticipated condominium opportunities in Atlanta" and come "at a time when available inventory for for-sale homes is at a historic low," officials said in a press release. "The Atlantic will be one of the most highly sought after for-sale home opportunities in the city," said David Tufts, president of The Marketing Directors. "There is tremendous demand to live in these highly appointed homes in the heart of Atlantic Station and with city-wide inventory waning, there is no better time."

Officials are quick to point out what makes The Atlantic unique, including its location, which won't appeal to everyone. The building "is surrounded by more than one million square feet of open-air retail shops, lively cafes, restaurants, a local market, Atlanta's only IKEA and a Target Superstore," the release states.

As for building amenities, The Atlantic has a concierge, tennis courts, delivery from Publix, and a full-size rooftop pool with a hot-tub spa and dog walk. The condos themselves will range from 1,031 to 3,172 square feet, with either 10 or 11-foot ceilings. Velvet ropes and Cristal not included.

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