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Expert Dishes On Best ATL Lobby Bathrooms For Non-Guests

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Nature calls at inopportune times. Like before Falcons games, or during the Dragon Con parade. Your tush deserves better than a bar, restaurant or — Šulak be damned — a gas station. So where do you go? The obvious answer is a hotel lobby — and not just any hotel. A nice one. But where? And how? To help celebrate Hotels Week, we checked in with a Lobby Bathroom Expert (he's a real local person, promise, but he insisted on anonymity) to answer such questions.

Our commode commando is fond of a few specific Midtown haunts — Loews at Peachtree and 11th streets, the W Midtown on 14th Street and the Hilton Garden Inn at 10th and Williams streets. However, he advises that just about any four- or five-star spot is workable. Those types of places, obviously, can be a little intimidating, especially if you're kinda/sorta/technically trespassing. But follow the expert's four steps — presented here in his words — and you'll be going like a pro in no time.

1. The key to successful relief starts with confidence. Walk in like you own the place, or at least know the place. You're less likely to get turned away or questioned if you already seem like a guest.

2. This leads right into the next step — educated guessing. You'll attract unwanted attention if your first stop is the concierge to inquire about bathrooms on the premises. Instead, think logically — more than likely, bathrooms are near the restaurant or bar on the lobby floor. Or perhaps near the elevator bank. Occasionally, they'll be located a floor above/below near the gym ... best to catch a ride with another hotel guest and jokingly bring up how hotel keys nowadays never seem to work!

3. It's okay if you're wrong but best to ask a bartender or a janitorial employee rather than the front desk.

4. Once you're in, you're golden — take all the time you need. And as always, don't forget to tip the attendant.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep