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The Empty Homes Of Edgewood, At Twilight

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For our second installment in the "Vacancies" series, we head three miles east of downtown to Edgewood, a neighborhood of craftsman bungalows, newish townhomes and a surprising stock of large contemporary homes. Most locals have probably visited Edgewood — known colloquially as "The Edge" — for the convenience of Target, Lowes and Best Buy, or the delightful cheese selection at Kroger. Like other up-and-coming Atlanta 'nabes, Edgewood is dotted with dormant properties, though chutes of residential construction are sprouting all over the neighborhood — with the promise of more to come. At least one of these featured homes has recently sold, reinforced and gutted, for about $80,000; others have seen no activity for years.

Call it gentrification or revitalization, one thing's certain: Vacant properties aren't doing anyone any favors. Creative Loafing floated novel (if quixotic) ideas as part of their Atlanta wishlist for 2014: "How about proposing a law that forces owners of abandoned homes to tear down or fix up the properties, something that could particularly help West Atlanta?" staffers enthused. "If they do neither, community nonprofits could take over the property and create a better use." This series strives to attach visuals to those sorts of ideas and other efforts calling for a healthier city.
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