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'59 Buckhead Relic Artfully Blends Old, New Schools

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This long, low customer sits a stone's throw from Chastain Park and blends the upscale touches of 2014 with mid-century lines. Built in 1959, this four-bedroom, 3,100 square-foot sprawler cuts into a hill for a landscape that's quintessentially Atlanta. With stellar new bathrooms and touches like the Turkish marble backsplash, the ask is $624,900, which is lower than similarly sized mid-century marvels in Buckhead that have blipped the radar lately, but nearly three times as much as others a few miles away. (Apples v. oranges, true). To get nitpicky, the latticework and deck railings lean a little 1976 Suburbia and clash with the sleekness found almost everywhere else.
· 970 Mount Paran Road [Estately]