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Roswell's Push For Park Nucleus Gets Visual, Dramatic

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Supporters of a project that would infuse the heart of Roswell with a large public green, amphitheater and airy restaurants have launched a website to bolster enthusiasm. Envisioned as a pedestrian-friendly "centerpiece," the City Green Project aims to beef up the Roswell village as a bona fide attraction, linking the restaurants of Canton Street with the city's Historic Square and Roswell Mill. Roswell's Downtown Development Authority is gathering public input in its role as a recommending body to the city council. DDA members are quick to point out the land needed for the project is already owned by Roswell, which they say should keep total costs for the city below $5.5 million.

They're adamant that the project's three phases should be completed all at once, in an effort to control costs and activate the project in all its glory at the same time. In a recent letter, local designer and urban planner Lew Oliver was effusive — and dramatic — in his praise for the project. "When implemented, the project design, along with the street scape improvements shown in the master plan, will stimulate new development in our downtown," Oliver wrote. "Without it, Roswell will fall behind. The real danger now is of losing momentum, and failing to attract top talent, new families, creative youth, the new class of empty nesters, and ultimately, our ability to develop a new economy."
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