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For $459K, O4W Container Home Boasts Views, Sleekness

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Leave it to tree-hugging intown hippies to make nasty old shipping containers a thing of grace. That's the scenario on Gartrell Street in the Old Fourth Ward, where a triple-stack of reinforced steel boxes has become this newly listed, high-efficiency container house. The white stack (pictured at right) taps into a growing reuse trend and comes away with 1,800 square feet of livable space and cutting-edge modern design. At $459,000 (or $2,300/month lease), this recycled aesthetic doesn't come cheap, and while this side of the neighborhood brims with promise, it's still hardscrabble. At the macro level, the practice of rejiggering cold, rugged shipping containers into inviting modern homes is adaptive reuse at its finest, and there seems to be no shortage of base materials. The Mother Nature Network estimates that more than 300 million shipping containers are sitting empty at ports around the world. At least one of them will find a home on the Westside.

So the bright and airy "Container House 2.0" has three bedrooms and two and ½ baths (with heated porcelain tile). Wrapped with Icynene insulation and low-energy double-pane glass, the home sits on a two-car garage. It comes with a rain-barrel collection system and is pre-wired for solar panels, which is sure to delight tree-hugging hippies. Dark-stained oak floors abound, contrasting pleasantly with colder elements like the glass-tile backsplash. The long, slender sitting room (or office, or nursery) is a nice touch, as is the top-floor deck with views to Midtown.

The listing describes leasing activity on nearby Edgewood Avenue and large-scale O4W construction projects as a "renaissance," name-dropping the Atlanta Streetcar (two blocks away!), the King Memorial MARTA station (three blocks) and the Beltline (six blocks). It's the kind of neighborhood where lived-in steel boxes can fit right in.

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