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Feast Your Eyes Upon Atlanta's 'Most Remarkable' Loft!

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What lurks behind the post-industrial doors of Castleberry Hill never ceases to amaze. And this gigantic, four-level loft with its own commercial elevator certainly qualifies as amazing. Listed at $1.19 million, it's 6,769 square feet of industrial-chic wonderland, enough to make the listing agent anoint it: "Without a doubt the grandest and most remarkable fee simple loft for the (money) in Atlanta!" Within these 1924 walls, wide-eyed home shoppers reared on "Friends" reruns could overdose on their own dreams. It's an overload of smart modern design, with two covered porches, a patio and killer rooftop deck with Gold Dome-to-Bank of America Plaza views. Even the quirky elements seem to work. (Are those tin ceilings? And a painting of Don't-Tell-Me-era Madonna?) Across this massive footprint are four bedrooms, three and ½ baths, an office and a few kitchen areas. If there's a drawback, it'd be the deathtrap stairs for children (likely preventing very hip families from moving in) and what must be ungodly cooling bills.
· 146 Walker Street Unit 0 [Estately]