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Beltline Kroger Link Is Decidedly Floral

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Let's take a minute to salute Murder Kroger and its very floral plans for connecting to the Beltline. But who would expect less than Oakleaf Hydrangeas and Forest Pansy Redbuds from Murder Kroger? Based on the slanted line beneath the plantlife in this rendering, the Beltline's Eastside Trail is probably at bottom, with the Murder Kroger parking lot at top. But that's conjecture. Surely everyone will stop calling Murder Kroger "Murder Kroger" after Murder Kroger executes these plans for the Murder Kroger parking lot. It can't be long before the words "Murder Kroger" draw blank stares, or this response: "Are you referring to Beltline Kroger?" Murder Kroger's rebranding is already under way, in fact. People have reportedly been forgetting the unsavory Murder Kroger moniker and vowing to never use "Murder Kroger" in a sentence. Media, too, are assisting Murder Kroger in its efforts to de-Murder Krogerize and be known as a wholesome retailer where nothing ever went wrong. Instead of Murder Kroger. Seriously, imagine if your home was called Murder House, based on some old events, even though your street has blossomed. Imagine driving Murder Car, or dating Murder Woman. Things change, people change, and so do national retailers like Murder Kroger. So let's let Murder Kroger bygones be Murder Kroger bygones and put this awesome little piece of the ATLexicon to rest. RIP, Murder Kroger.
· Coming Soon: Less Sketchy Beltine, Murder Kroger Link [Curbed]