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At $475K, 'Breathtaking' Decatur Condo Swings For Fences

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Let's face it: Living with downtown Decatur at the doorstep does not suck. Paying nearly a half-million dollars for that walkability, bounty of restaurant options and proximity to transit probably would. Which brings us to this $475,000 three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit at The Artisan, anointed "Decatur's premier building" by the listing agent. Sure, this is one roomy condo, with nearly 2,000 square feet, a breezy layout and bright color palette, all of it tastefully understated. And, okay, sure, there's a "luxury kitchen befitting a Top Chef," tricked-out closets, a rooftop pool and concierge. Maybe the comps support the ask, but at that price point, buyers in famously affordable Atlanta would probably expect their condo to sizzle, right? This place last sold for $366,300, just as the real estate doldrums were ending in 2012.
· 201 W. Ponce De Leon Ave. Unit 38 [Zillow]