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First Look: The Collier Lofts, Set To Open 'Any Day Now'

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The first phase of an apartment redevelopment project in "a sleepy corner of Buckhead" is slated to open any day now. A spokesperson tells Curbed Atlanta the initial offering of 24 creekside units at Collier Lofts will be open as soon as the city installs water meters (there's a joke here somewhere). The second, much larger batch of 160 apartments is destined for a June- or July-ish arrival. The development — located, you guessed it, on Collier Road — is an undertaking of Enfold Properties and Cocke Finkelstein Inc. Expect one and two-bedroom apartments, and hopefully the soothing trickle of a creek.

AnEnfold Properties representative who requested anonymity says the pre-existing infrastructure was used/will be used for the most part, and that crews were actually able to remove about 90 percent of the concrete in the nearby creek's stream buffer. Whatever that means exactly, it seems like a good thing.

Also, here's the spokesperson's interesting take on the area near the project, which is technically closer to the Westside than Buckhead: "It's a sleepy corner of Buckhead, not as cool as Midtown West, or highfalutin as 'core' Buckhead, but we think it will be a good place to live," he says. "We're referring to the area as Buckhead West, but I'm not sure that moniker will stick."

Anyone headed over to Buckhead West this weekend?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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