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Follow The Rainbow To Low-$200Ks Westside Deals

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Load up on Lucky Charms and head west, townhome shoppers, to a land where low-$200K prices still exist for nice properties that aren't shoeboxes. The rainbow aesthetics at this very Scandinavian collection of townhomes near Bone Garden Cantina probably won't appeal to everyone. But for $219,900 (a pre-approved short sale price) and three stories, buyers won't get everything they want. Around back, the palm-shaded garden cove has a true anomaly of residential Atlanta: an exterior spiral staircase! Hell yes! On a dour note, the single-car garage and modest square footage (1,220) could be drawbacks for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence. The community is gated (to keep out the Leprechauns), with a saline pool. And the 20-foot ceilings don't hurt.
· 1370 Rietveld Row [Estately]