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1955 Buckhead Ranch Has Potential — Or Does It?

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The listing agent advises buyers to tear down this 1955 ranch in Chastain Park and build anew — but wait just a minute! For starters, $515,000 would be one tough pill to swallow for a doomed home, despite the tony surroundings and guaranteed ticket into Warren T. Jackson Elementary School. Plus, isn't there a mid-century marvel lurking somewhere in this dated muck? Or is that just wishful thinking? Sure, with only three bedrooms and 1,500 square feet, an expansion or two would probably be in order, especially if a buyer intends to keep up with the well-to-do Jones all over this street. An overabundance of photographs of a shabby backyard — and total lack of interior photos — is a throbbing red flag. But the agent assures us this home is "livable to rent while plans are being made." As the old adage says: Inhabitability is the first sign of potential. Or something like that.
· 47 W. Wieuca Road NE [Estately]
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