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$370K Bags This View, Two Bedrooms In Midtown

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The views from Spire, a pioneering mid-aughts residential high-rise, have stood the test of nine years. And this south-facing one can be yours for a price of $370,000. The ask signals that the 28-story building might not be brimming with the fire-sale deals it was a couple of years ago. With two bedrooms and 1,193 square feet, this corner unit should appeal to fans of the raw-concrete-meets-carpet motif. It's a frontrunner in the competition for Midtown's poofiest living room couch. The traditional ceiling fan and oodles of wall shelving might rub some the wrong way, but at least the clubroom has pool tables and indispensible computer stations. Major bonuses are, again, that view (nothing comes to mind that would block it anytime soon) and two deeded parking spaces. Spire was built between 2004 and 2005 on the ashes of the Atlanta Cabana Motel, a pioneer in the "motor hotel" game once partly owned by Doris Day. The site is turning out to be a prime slice of Peachtree.
· 860 Peachtree St. NE Unit #1418 []
· Spire's very own Wikipedia page [Wiki]


860 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308