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This Week In Hideous And Bizarre Listing Photos

Any buyer who has browsed the internet for homes knows that listing photos range from professionally staged, Photoshopped-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives perfection to ... well, images like the ones we've gathered here. Let's start with a home that, according to the listing, "has it all!" In this case, "all" means an elevator, outdoor fireplaces and sophisticated touches like stainless steel appliances and, um, a green alligator head with a gaping mouth? Give that staging team a raise!

↑ We're all for art, but can we all agree that posing what appears to be a creepy suit of skin and muscle next to a piano in an otherwise empty room is a questionable way to draw buyers? Plus, if we didn't know better, we'd swear it was moving slightly between shots.

↑ It's called a value-added proposition, okay? Buy this home and they'll throw in a free barbell, hanger and boombox!!!

↑ "But the interior design shows say that carefully placed throw pillows add a touch of elegance to any room."

↑ Oh, like you could take a better picture of this bathroom? Well, maybe. At least he has pants on. Let's just be grateful for that.

↑ Look, we don't mean to alarm you, unsuspecting teddy bear, but there is a bird of prey lurking over your head. On second thought... RUN, TEDDY, RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR ADORABLE LITTLE LIFE!

↑ The listing agent wants you to know some important things: 1) This home is on a road — and a paved one, at that. 2) Trash pick-up is available. 3) The neighborhood features a fire hydrant.

Did we miss a horrible or bizzaro listing photo? Let us know!