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Award-Winning O4W Home Has Website, Wants $850K

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With a little elbow grease, this fixer-upper in the Old Fourth Ward could be totally inhabitable. Okay, okay, a lot of elbow grease. Facetiousness aside, this 3,300 square-foot flowscape is just marvelous, really, and sometimes that's all you can say. It has its own website. It won a prestigious American Institute of Architects award. Its construction in 2008 made the news, back when artist John Otte was individually painting each piece of its Hardiplank façade. Offered for the first time since, this quad-level, three-bedroom geometric wonderland was designed by the Harvard-trained Georgia Tech professors at bldgs architects. There's a three-story atrium and two-story dining room, with each level gracefully spilling into the next. And it's around the corner from the Beltline, no less. If you qualify, showings are available only by appointment, and only on Thursdays.
· 225 Corley St. [Home's website]
· bldgs revel in reinventing what's overlooked and forgotten [ArtsATL]
[Photos by MaiBri Photography.]