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SCAD Makes 135 Sq. Ft. Seem Less Claustrophobic. Sort of.

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What can you do with 135 square feet? No, that's not a quote from an IKEA catalog; it's the question that prompted the new SCADpad project at Savannah College of Art and Design's Atlanta campus. The complaints about Atlanta are predictable: too much sprawl, not enough density, too many parking decks, not enough retail and housing in the city's core. SCAD has solved all of these problems in one fell swoop by creating 16-foot by 8-foot living spaces built to fit into a single space in a parking deck. Adventurous students moved in on Tuesday, and everyone can follow them online (#SCADpad on Twitter) to find out what it's truly like to live in the city's wee-est houses.

The project, designed and developed by the school's students and faculty, is an imagining of the future of affordable urban housing, and parking spots were chosen because, according to SCAD, there are 105 million parking spaces in the United States — five spaces for every car. (See? It's not just Atlanta.)

The micro-homes were built by artists, so they're not just solving problems, they're looking good doing it. There are three designs, each inspired by a different SCAD community: SCADpad Asia was designed to reflect the culture and aesthetic of Hong Kong, SCADpad Europe was inspired by the medieval landscape and SCADpad North America reflects America's frontier spirit. There's even a tiny community garden so residents can grow their own food. Tours are available to the public, so go check them out in person.

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[All photos via Savannah College of Art and Design.]