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Study: Grant, Ormewood Park Are ATL's Greenest 'Hoods

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Being that Earth Day is Tuesday, it seems fitting to recognize the sustainable paradise that is … Woodstock freakin' Georgia? According to a Redfin analysis, the far-flung suburb (with a name to make hippies happy) is the sixth greenest "neighborhood" in America, joining the likes of granola meccas like Denver and Seattle. Closer to the city's core, the study found that Grant Park and its neighbor Ormewood Park are Atlanta's greenest 'nabes. Before you get too giddy, realize this: The Redfin number-crunchers ranked neighborhoods in the country's 20 largest metros solely by language in the listings of for-sale homes.

They searched home descriptions for the word "green" and mentions of solar panels, low-flow faucets, ENERGY STAR® appliances, dual-pane windows and environmental ratings like LEED. Interestingly, the analysis showed that median sale prices for homes with green features were $47,600 higher than homes without. And green homes, researchers found, aren't necessarily new homes. In fact, the majority of green homes weren't new construction. Not to pry, but how green is your domicile? And do selling features like dual-pane windows affect the green in your wallet?
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