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Apartment Hunter Frustrated With Atlanta's Lack Of Gas

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A reader who we'll call "Hungry In Atlanta" writes to voice displeasure with the current state of cooking ranges in the city's new crop of high-end apartments. "What's the deal with all of these supposedly lux rental buildings having electric stoves?" Hungry writes. "Anyone who cooks regularly knows that gas is superior. Other than Mezzo, what buildings offer gas ranges? Even at a budget of $2K+/month this seems to be the one 'amenity' that is impossible to find." Hungry is right on the money: Mezzo's 94 apartment homes offer not only gas ranges, but professional-grade Viking ones. This probably results from the building's unexpected transformation from condos to rentals, as we don't see many other new apartment projects with Mezzo's steam room, concierge and heated swimming pool, either. Another condo conversion, The Atlantic, also appears to offer gas ranges, though that building is transforming back to for-sale residences. Another option would be individual condos rented out by homeowners. Perhaps gas is a fire hazard? Perhaps other readers can help Hungry out in the comments section?
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