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Worrying Aloud About Traffic In Face Of Fuqua Project

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With work under way at Fuqua Development's latest mixed-use project, a reader wonders aloud what the future may hold for the often-clogged intersection of Piedmont Avenue and Cheshire Bridge Road. "Based on the rendering, (it) appears to have some street parking. Wonder how that will work out … traffic-calming, maybe?" the reader asks. "Turning left out of there without a signal could be interesting." While traffic remains a question mark, Fuqua has recently said the project will transform the area's dynamics, though the famed adult establishments will remain. "It's really going to feel so much different over there in a year," Fuqua told the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The aging Rock Springs strip center that occupied the site for eons will reportedly be replaced by anchor tenant Sprouts Farmers Market, in addition to 300 apartments Fuqua and his partners are erecting there. Judging by initial renderings, parking will be wrapped by the apartments and kept largely out of sight. The architect is Lord Aeck Sargent, whose portfolio includes the ultra-sustainable Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center in Buford and Glenwood East, three apartment buildings connected to Glenwood Park. Aesthetically speaking, the Morningside project would appear to echo the Glenwood one. Fuqua's project is slated to debut in the third quarter of 2015.
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[Renderings via Lord Aeck Sargent/ABC]

Glenwood East

390 Stovall Street SE, Atlanta, GA