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For $1.9M, Here's The Mirrored Bathroom Of Your Dreams

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These listing photos should use the Miami Vice theme song as a soundtrack. For $1.89 million, this 1987 contemporary estate on Northside Drive is so mind-blowingly funky, it screams for pastel suits and Ferraris. Where to begin … How about that towering marble fireplace, golden faucets and the mirrored bathroom of rude angles. Imagine the things you'd see in there, alone. While the master bedroom sprawls in a good way, it leads to the glass-blocks-galore master bathroom, and nothing says "dated" like those blocks. On the plus side, this place is airy and bright, with a tasteful Meditterranean-style pool area and a full home gym. Its gated grounds are ego-boosting elaborate, and at nearly 6,800 square feet, there's plenty of room inside for cocaine-fueled shindigs with synth-y bongo music. As the picture from the backyard illustrates, this place still has the makings of a fine contemporary house, sans a few dozen mirrors and glass walls.
· 3865 Northside Drive [Estately]