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For $610K, This 1886 Grand Dame Is Surprisingly Cool

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If there's such a thing as antebellum minimalism, this circa-1886 grand dame in Marietta embodies it. Usually, with a suburban home that's this old — with such an ornate exterior, no less — one would expect to find a gaudfest inside. Not here. Though the moldings are original and the chandeliers opulent, there's a clean simplicity happening on Kennesaw Avenue, from one huge room to the next. It's all offered at $610,000. Granted, this isn't Inman Park, where this home would likely be twice as much, but it does offer walkability, with the Marietta Square a few blocks away. It boasts four bedrooms and roughly 4,500 square feet, so brace for substantial heating and cooling costs. Then again, the place has eight freaking fireplaces, so maybe burning wood like its 1899 will cut back on heating expenditures. This is one case where the Photoshop-haze phenomenon seems appropriate.
· 321 Kennesaw Ave. [Home's Personal Website]