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Dallas Buyers Moving To ATL With, Um, Specific Tastes

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It's been said that Dallas and Atlanta are America's two most similar metropolises — their 10-gallon hats and our green rolling hills notwithstanding. A reader from the Big D who's looking to transplant and buy a slice of the Big Peach writes in for advice. You'd think the transition would be fairly easy, given the sprawling-hot-beast similarities of both cities, but this retiree and her son have pretty unique requirements, with a very specific demographic in mind. We put the challenge to you, Atlanta, to guide Ms. H. and her son to the best deals in the ATL's "gay ghetto," wherever that is, exactly.


Me and my son are relocating from the Dallas area and are wondering if you and your readership have any advice for areas in the ATL to check out. I'm a single female retiree in her 70s and he's a single gay man in his 40s; he's wanted to live in the "gay ghetto" but has never had the chance and unfortunately Dallas' gay ghetto of Oak Lawn is no longer very gay. He's never been to Atlanta and doesn't know anyone there. He'll be looking for a job.

I'm looking for low maintenance and we do plan to live together.

Any ideas? Something in the $300k to $400k price range is good. He thinks something near MARTA would be good but we've never depended on mass transit before.

Thank you!!

Ms. H.


All advice is appreciated in the comments section. No calling cards, please.

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