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Next Month, A Chance To Time Travel In Grant Park

History buffs rejoice! Grant Park is gearing up for something more than a rudimentary home tour. On May 17 and 18, the 40th annual Grant Park Tour of Homes will guide visitors through the tour's sites in the order they were constructed, allowing architecture aficionados and history fanatics to envision how the 132-year-old neighborhood evolved from 19th century Victorians to mid-20th century cottages to modern-day Queen Anne Victorians. It's just like time travel but without the risk of setting the dial wrong and getting eaten by dinosaurs in the Mesozoic Era! Grant Park, Atlanta's largest designated National Register Historic District, will also host seminars on how to research your own home's history and use historic preservation tax credits for home renovations. A house in the midst of a renovation will be showcased and builders will be on hand to answer questions. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day. Kiddos under 3 are free because they care more about eating crayons than appreciating the evolution of architectural trends over time.
· Grant Park Neighborhood Association [website]
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