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Fretting Over 'A Big-Box Invasion' In LaVista Park

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Generally, the thinking goes that ultramodern homes in Atlanta either lend architectural variety to neighborhoods full of traditional styles — or they become throbbing sore thumbs that degrade existing character. A reader chimes in this week who seems to fall in the latter category, describing a wave of ultramodern homes in the LaVista Park neighborhood as "a big-box invasion" — and that description has nothing to do with Wal-Mart or Best Buy. The above four-bedroom home on Brookforest Drive, priced at $989,000, is cited as one example. The plans, which came on the market earlier this month, call for a sleek contemporary home of more than 3,200 square feet, in an area known more for well-kept ranches. According to the reader, the home joins at least six similar — and "rather aggressively priced" — offerings in the works in LaVista Park. The homes are "wedged next to typical ranch houses," he writes. "The lots here started out big, and have been dividing up for the past decade." These happenings are hardly exclusive to LaVista Park, as a new crop of ultramodern abodes is sprouting across Atlanta, from Edgewood to Morningside and beyond. Is this something to be concerned about — or something to applaud?
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