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Which Of These 11 High-Rise Designs Rises Above The Rest?

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Let no one tell you that Atlantans are not passionate and engaged when it comes to the city's architecture. Every new rendering that is revealed of a proposed high-rise sparks strong opinions and fervent debates. Depending on who you talk to, the same design is either uninspired and monotonous or innovative and gorgeous. The old "one man's trash/another man's treasure" thing makes sense, but if you and you alone could decide on the aesthetic of the evolving Atlanta skyline, what would you envision? Imagine the power! Take a look at these 11 would-be Atlanta towers (some of which are already in skyscraper heaven, RIP), then vote your conscience: Which design would elevate Atlanta's skyline the most?

Poll results

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· A Pretty Render, But Midtown Lot [736 Peachtree] In Wait-And-See Mode [Curbed Atlanta]
· Fancy-Pants Tower-Building [Three Alliance Center] Could Commence This Year [Curbed Atlanta]
· Alternate Views Of Peachtree Tower [811 Peachtree] Bring Sexy Back [Curbed Atlanta]
· Introducing: Dante's Enlarged, Glassy Replacement [Cyan on Peachtree] [Curbed Atlanta]

Cyan on Peachtree

3380 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326