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For $1.19M, Contemporary Hideout Awaits In Buckhead

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It's been a strong year for circa-1980 contemporary homes in the Buckhead area. Plenty of smooth white exteriors, oversized pillars, glass-tiled walls and one fully mirrored bathroom. They must be selling, because they keep hopping onto the market, many priced beyond the $1 million threshold. And lo! Here's another, nestled in the western Buckhead forests near the Chattahoochee River. The listing includes the most succinct/half-assed description in history. To wit: "An Oasis in the City. A quiet, private retreat within the city!" That's it. So we'll have to guess at what we're seeing here. Priced at $1.19 million, it looks like a five-bedroom, three-bathroom compound, coated in a sort of terra-cotta stucco, where a guy named Pablo might hide out, if he had good taste in art and front doors. One key highlight is the porch, which peers into tranquil woods. Others: the light-filled artist's studio and pleasant patio area with a kidney-shaped swimming pool. Clearly the home's been updated since its 1981 birth, but it retains that era's vaguely Scandinavian vibe.
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