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For Sale By City: Wee Lil Sliver Of Land Along The Beltline

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Along the Eastside Trail sits a 47,829-square-foot rectangle of land full of potential and not much else... at least for now. Invest Atlanta would like to change that. On Monday, according to Saporta Report, the city announced its plan to sell the promising little acre of land — but not to just any joker with a big pocket book (Do people still say "pocket book"?). No! They have a vision for the space. They imagine an environmentally and pedestrian-friendly building that's consistent with the vibe of the area and encourages revitalization. One with parking. One that increases residential density and diversity while providing a certain percentage of affordable housing. One that will make the city some money and contribute to the Beltline TAD.

The I1-zoned land — which sits between North Avenue and Dallas Street on one side and between North Angier and the Eastside Trail on the other — does not have street frontage, but who needs streets when you have the Beltline?

Firms with big ideas for the small space must have all inquiries in by 5 p.m. today (April 3) and must submit a completed proposal by 5 p.m. on April 9. The successful buyer will be judged based on their previous experience with projects like these (worth 15 percent of their grade), their financial ability to deliver what they promise (25 percent), their compliance with the aforementioned vision (25 percent) and, of course, the purchase price and potential contribution to the TAD (35 percent). A decision is expected on April 17. The official request for proposals has all the details.
· Atlanta to sell 1 acre by BeltLine; developer to be chosen April 17 [Saporta Report]
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