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Lonely, Historic Grant Park Building Offers Discount

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Once upon a time, the team behind Decatur mainstays The Brick Store Pub and Leon's Full Service had envisioned a restaurant/bar concept for this 1920 property in Grant Park. The scuttlebutt circa 2009 was that the building could house a second Brick Store Pub. Fast-forward a few years and here the building still sits, slashing its price by $25,000 recently, down to $425,000. While the location at the corner of Confederate Avenue and Ormewood Terrace doesn't offer great visibility, the 4,500 square-foot building has distinctive character that's impossible to replicate, and the right business here could achieve hidden-gem status. We're guessing this diamond-in-the-rough once housed a market, maybe some offices? As one reader — presumably a resident of the area — writes: "Lots of people want to see something in there but no one's taking a chance on the building. Why?"
· 760 Confederate Ave. [Joel & Granot Commercial Real Estate]
· The building's very own Facebook page [FB]
[All images via Joel & Granot.]